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  1. Java Symposium 2011 Recap

    Sun 20 March 2011

    Went out to Vegas to attend The Java Symposium 2011. Not really fond of the location, but you have to pick your battles. It's a three day conference, but travel really knocks out at least a day.

    The most interesting talks, I thought, were less about specific technology releases ...

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  2. 64-bit Really Does Matter

    Fri 04 February 2011

    In a stunning display of confidence, Paul Tagliamonte stops just short of calling for dropping 64bit Ubuntu desktops. Because PAE will save the day, naturally.

    By day, I am a Java developer. This means I know the pains of memory constraints all too well. I recently upgraded my desktop, as ...

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  3. SQLite + SchemaSpy

    Sun 23 January 2011

    A little over a year ago, I shared a neat technique to generate DB diagrams for databases, with a focus on SQLite. At the time, SchemaSpy had much better output but didn't have a good SQLite driver. Well, a recent commenter asked if it was possible, and fortunately, that ...

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  4. Coders at Work book review

    Sun 28 March 2010

    I finished up Coders at Work today, having received it from the local library only recently (I need to figure out what magical data source people use to put these books on reserve so early!)

    Coders At Work is a series of interviews with programmers, people with successful backgrounds and ...

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  5. Generating Database Schema With SQL and GraphViz

    Tue 20 October 2009

    At work recently I've been asked to dig into a legacy app running queries against Oracle. One of the challenges with projects like this is determining the existing schema and how the tables are related. Typically you can read the internal documentation or review the existing code, but in ...

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  6. Eclipse Update

    Mon 20 July 2009

    tjaalton, pwnguin: and I'm filing a bug report to remove this package again, because it does include a handful or more third party libs inside the eclipse package. if you want to keep eclipse, please fix these bugs, hint, hint ;)

    Matthias Klose (doko) has uploaded a new version of ...

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  7. The sorry state of Eclipse

    Fri 26 June 2009

    So Wednesday marked the official release of Eclipse 3.5 (codename: Galileo). Eclipse is an integrated source code editor and debugger. It's roughly comparable to Visual Studio; it supports a number of languages through plugins (PHP, for example), and tools (JUnit, for example). It's also one of the ...

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  8. Developer time is rivalrous

    Sun 07 June 2009

    Martin Owens writes on the subject of open source economics:

    What I would suggest is that we are looking at the problem the wrong way. While software is not rivalrous or excludable, software development as a service is excludable (although not quite rivalrous) and this is important.

    Fundamentally, I'm ...

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