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  1. Limesurvey notes

    Sun 19 December 2010

    The local LUG group is small and shrinking, due to weak recruiting efforts and a failure to strike a balance between student oriented and staff oriented events. In fact, the website appears to be down today. I take some of the blame here, but we can also blame Canonical for ...

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  2. Adios, Gamerfeed

    Mon 16 August 2010

    I've been seeking out feeds to sync to my front page, in order to keep the front page interesting, updated, and sync'd. One such interesting feed I tried was my Xbox 360 gamertag. The idea was to update every time I had a new game. Instead, it's ...

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  3. (Old) Homepage Design

    Fri 12 March 2010

    I've decided my old homepage was bad enough to revisit now that I've got a bit more content hosted deep within it. I replaced my crappy hand written HTML with tools written this decade, and threw in some amateur visual design.

    The software

    Firstly, in order to keep ...

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  4. Work Complete!

    Thu 12 December 2002

    Phase one of my website is complete. From here out I can focus on the more aesthetic parts of things. Target number 1: the games page. Target number 2: coloration.

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