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  1. Podcasts 2016

    Sun 25 December 2016

    Every so often, I see a podcast recommendation thread on HN / Reddit / elsewhere. Rather than repeat myself, here's an annotated list of podcasts I listen to. If you're needing a great podcast Android player, I recommend AntennaPod, which has a thriving open source community behind it. On to ...

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  2. N900 Eulogy

    Fri 23 November 2012

    3 years ago, Nokia released an intriguing option into the smartphone market. The N900 was a true Linux phone, and a simple, freely available app was all you needed to get root access to your hardware. The N900 was not a massive hit with carriers, and not a massive hit ...

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  3. The One True OpenID configuration

    Tue 10 August 2010

    I like the OpenID concept, but by now it's clear that there's far more Issuing Parties than Relying Parties. In layman's terms, there's more sites that want you to use your account with them on other sites than sites that let use an account from elsewhere ...

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  4. Bruce Schneier deserved to lose

    Sat 19 June 2010

    NPR held and broadcasted a debate on the resolution, "The cyber war threat has been grossly exaggerated," and invited a sophisticated panel to debate for and against it. The format of Intelligence2 debates is two panels of speakers competing to change the audience opinion. So even if the audience comes ...

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  5. On synchronization and "the cloud"

    Wed 09 June 2010

    I've been meaning to do a followup post on N900/Maemo5, but every time I summon the effort to start drafting the post, a new firmware comes out to address problems motivating the post. Case in point: the most recent firmware (PR1.2) finally added the USSD code support ...

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  6. n900 arrival and notes.

    Thu 10 December 2009

    The phone arrived, and I'm recording a few notes on initial experiences, covering mail, the display, the browser, available apps, battery life.

    Mail. "Mail for Exchange" worked fine, surprisingly. There are two popular versions of exchange, 2003 and 2007. Last I checked 2007 wasn't supported by Ubuntu (this ...

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  7. Don't let the MSRP fool you

    Fri 20 November 2009

    I ordered up a Nokia N900 the other day, and I have to say the preorder market for it is strange. Or perhaps, I don't participate in preorders often enough to know that this is common.

    The price listed in the Nokia Store and press releases is around 650USD ...

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  8. An electronic diversion

    Sun 26 July 2009

    I've always felt a bit mystified with analog electronics. Sure, I had a few chances to figure it out, but these sorts of things require an experienced guide. When I was a child, I received a Christmas gift of an AM radio kit. It didn't work; my father ...

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