Chromium Build Instructions?

Tue 02 September 2008

I have located the Linux build instructions for Chromium, what you might know as Google Chrome.

Interesting notes thus far:

  • Instructions include a reference to "Ubuntu 8" for retrieving build dependencies ;)

  • an SVN checkout that retrieves ANOTHER set of source code management tools not in wide use

  • uses bison for grammars; I've become a big fan of ANTLR for describing a grammar

  • "BSD licensed," so it should be license compatible with Mozilla (and IE and opera)

  • checkout of source code takes 16 minutes to grab 666MB and crashes:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "home/jldugger/Desktop/chromium/depot_tools/release/", line 925, in result = Main(sys.argv)

File "home/jldugger/Desktop/chromium/depot_tools/release/", line 921, in Main return DispatchCommand(command, options, args)

File "home/jldugger/Desktop/chromium/depot_tools/release/", line 885, in DispatchCommand return command_mapcommand

File "home/jldugger/Desktop/chromium/depot_tools/release/", line 837, in DoUpdate return update_all(client, options, args)

File "home/jldugger/Desktop/chromium/depot_tools/release/", line 713, in UpdateAll deps = get_all_deps(client, entries)

File "home/jldugger/Desktop/chromium/depot_tools/release/", line 576, in GetAllDeps solution_deps = get_default_solution_deps(client, solution["name"])

File "home/jldugger/Desktop/chromium/depot_tools/release/", line 537, in GetDefaultSolutionDeps deps = scope["deps"] KeyError: 'deps'

  • Once built, Chromium will do nothing of value to Linux users today.

Currently, I'm downloading their tarball, hoping that it works better than the checkout instructions did.

Comments !