Dear UbuntuStudio

Thu 03 July 2008

I know there's tons of applications of the last post, but I thought there wasn't much in the way of GPL'd implementations. Today, I saw this awesome screenshot, from the audio-visual program CLAM:

wiring diagram of audio processing network

The above comes from their Qt based Network Editor application. This is hardly unique among audio applications -- I recall seeing graphEdit years ago on Windows. But I think perhaps there's some great underlying functionality ready to break out for wider uses. Ohloh suggests that it's a mature application with lots of developers, but few comments. CLAM is one of Google's 2008 SoC projects, and some interesting new functionality is on the way thanks to that. One project in particular sounds as useful outside the audio domain: Network Scalability, by Natanael Olaiz (mentor, Pau Arumí). Basically, writing the infrastructure to allow sub-networks, and sub-sub- networks etc. He appears to be making good progress, and I hope he succeeds!

(This is why I always say everything you've ever thought of has already been done on the Internet.)

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