Finals Week

Wed 14 May 2003

Halfway through finals week. Just finished my take home final, thought I should work on my webpage a bit for a break. Its clearly been a while. In a few days school will be over with for the year, and I haven't found a summer job. All those companies with internships that said they'd know by May haven't gotten in touch with me, which is business speak for "We have better things to do than inform you that we chose someone else (or decided not to hire interns)." I interviewed with the CIS department last Tuesday, but they haven't called me either. I'll need to email someone or call someone, to make sure I really didn't get the job before I leave for KC. Subletting a place for the summer would be difficult to do if they actually do hire me. I guess its another year of pretending to look for a job while moping around the house. Sure, I can make a bunch of cool computer stuff over the summer, but said cool stuff can't pay the rent.

In other arenas, Debian's been performing nicely, although I still can't compile a kernel to save my computer's life. I've stumped lots of people with it. I guess this summer I'll run through it and try as generic of a kernel as possible and work my way up. It will be time consuming but it seems thats the one thing I'll have plenty of. If I come across some money it would be nice to try out QNX and see how it performs, but right now the ISO is just sitting there because there isn't any space to install it to. Apparently the first entries to Deviant Art were QNX themes, so I might see if they're compatible with the latest version.

E3 is going on and there's lots of interesting new games. Or rather, updated versions of old games. Star Fox, F-Zero, 1080, and Sword of Mana all look pretty damn cool. Giftpia sounds sort of interesting, but its starting to sound too much like Animal Crossing (okay game but overwhelming, really). Halflife 2 is scheduled for release around my birthday, and I'd imagine that Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and TF2 are being ported to HL2. Its going to be interesting to see how the gaming community splits over this. There's still actively developed mods, like Natural Selection (v1.1 should be out in about a week), for Half-Life. Unless Valve does something very impresive reguarding backwards compatibility, there's going to be a wide divide between people who wants to remain with what they have and those who want to ride the new release. Clearly if you have a large following and a large amount of material, moving over will be difficult. This is different than the Quakes in that HalfLife remains one of the most popular games available. I suppose that Valve may push its Steam technology for mod developers who may want to turn a dollar. If I get the time, it might be interesting to bring Science and Industry to HL2.

Well, its been a blast of a semseter, check out my CIS page if you wanna see some of the stuff I've done. Highlights include a tomcat servlet system for a trivial university, and a cyclic static schedule generator just begging to be made into a command line tool. In the future I should consider labelling that stuff with a liscence (BSD probably), but for now I'll just let implicit copyright handle things.

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