Tue 04 March 2008

So I grabbed the latest NiN experiment. Reports from frustrated users unable to download their purchase suggest it works well enough to be popular, though my experience with the torrent suggests piracy is still the distribution method to beat ;)

As far as the music itself, I'm unimpressed mostly. The album presents itself as an "instrumental," but unless Trent Reznor's dictionary defines it as "unmelodic ambient music", I think that word misses the mark. Only a few tracks stand out musically to me. Clearly this album wouldn't succeed in music stores. It appears the purpose here is to exploit collectors or perhaps promote something akin to selling Garageband files whenever that gets announced. I've never understood the appeal of that stuff -- all you can really do is sample the tracks. You won't be able to add in an awesome solo from the bass noise machine or anything and expect it to fit in.

Although, for some reason 28 Ghosts IV reminds me of an acoustic version of Dethklok's Go into the Sea for some reason. But we all know that acoustic is lame and totally not metal.

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