I love the internet

Fri 11 January 2008

They say that open source didn't really take off until the internet was popular, and open source probably milks it for all it's worth. But sometimes the Internet isn't enough, and several conferences have grown from it. Ubuntu their Developer Summits, O'Reilly hosts OSCON, and some enterprising guys in Austrailia host Linuxconf.

Linuxconf 2008 is coming up shortly, and one of the reasons I like it is that unlike the other conferences, it takes the Internet to heart. Nearly all lectures are recorded and made available for poor / lazy folk like me to view at my leisure. It's a great way to kill a day or two. Several look promising:

  • Dave Jones will be giving a lecture on what he does I guess

  • Matt Garrett will be giving a talk on suspend to disk. I wish he'd give a lecture on open source bioinformatics tools available some time
    * Dave Arlie has a talk scheduled about open source 3d drivers

  • A pair of debianites are going to talk about why big companies don't like Debian
    * A talk on setting up an apt repo

  • A security lecture on Debian Security
    * open source animation tools demo by Bdale Garbee's daughter Elizabeth

  • MPX - multi pointer X. for those with tablets

There's tons more. If you live in town, I envy you.

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