I wholeheartedly agree

Mon 02 March 2009

Colin puts together a coherent rant about bug triage with Ubuntu. I'm glad he was able to meditate on the subject and produce a document with clarity and specific improvements; I wrote a private rant that included the phrase "Bug Assassination Squad: We kill bugs in their infancy". Probably not diplomatic enough to publish.

More diplomatically, one thing I'd like to add to Colin's commentary is about bug duplicates. Some people seem to be in the habit of marking duplicate bugs invalid. Yes, there are a lot of bugs, so going to the effort of finding the dupe and marking it means you'll be slower at closing bugs. But you'll have a better bug database as a result. And it will spare me the effort of searching through all the package's bugs to discover there is no such duplicate. Certainly, if you believe there's a duplicate report, you have a better idea of where the dupe is than the person who submitted the bug, who went through LP's own dupefinder to report the bug in the first place.

While I do feel vindicated that this practice is contrary to guidelines, the fact that it still happens is not encouraging.

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