Jobless Recovery

Wed 31 March 2004

Fixed a few new errors in the webpages, they're w3c compliant again! New CIS data as well.

Spring Break is over, and I blew most of it off. Mostly caught up with some TV shows (didn't know Dennis Miller was now with CNBC) and played Yahoo! Spades --I'm ranked at 1650 or so in 20 games. The scoring is ELO, like chess. You start out at 1500, and 1800 is considered a very high ranking. But I was lucky enough to land an on-site interview with General Dynamics in Arizona.

The part of Phoenix they put us up in is clearly the result of urban renovation. We noticed three strip clubs on the way to the hotel, and several pawn brokers and payday loan offices. I think its safe to say that the Maserati dealer and upscale apartment complexes we saw are relatively new. Every place we looked at offered plenty of ammendities like concierge services and gated access. Nobody mentioned the crime rate, but Scottsdale is certainly an interesting estuary of poor and rich. Just a scant few blocks north of our hotel lies the nightclub area and several upscale shopping stops, mostly art galleries. We saw one that just looked like unfinished canvases, until Zack informed me they were "abstract art." I didn't realize that was a thing people bought. I have to wonder where the money comes from, to support some of these people's lifestyles, probably drugs and hookers. Zack wanted to visit Axis/Radius, expecially after he saw the white curtians they'd put up since he was by last time. Of course the lines were atroucious, and I didn't think to own something worth wearing to a night club.

We also stopped by Tempe, and walked around Arizona Mills mall. I never understand why tourists go to malls but its clearly an attraction. Its mostly the same suburban stuff you can anywhere, but there's also some stores that directly caters to tourists, like Gameworks and IMAX. The price for 3 hour unlimited play has gone up since I last went but there may be some day of week pricing factors at play. Had some fun with a Police Sim game. You basically stand on a pad and get into gunfights with a japanese drug trafficing gang, and shoot hundreds of people. The nifty part is the pad you stand on senses your weight shifting as you move, and you duck for cover. It's basically doing squats and my calves still hurt from it.

It would definately be relaxing to have a job waiting for me when I graduate; especially with how unstable the economy is right now. Some say we're experiencing a jobless recovery, others say the growth indictors aren't reliable anymore. Either way it does seem that real growth will be on the way soon. I'm hearing that some of Sprint's executives may be leaving, perhaps because their outsourcing idea isn't going well. They may be rehiring several of the people they let go. Garmin is building more in town. I hear they're building like an eight story extension to their existing facility, that they're expecting up by September. That's a ton of people to hold. I'm not sure the nearby roads can handle that kind of traffic, especially since its right across the street a Junior High, with plenty of foot traffic, and Olathe South High School, which releases a flood of teenage vehicle traffic. But it's also a ton of people to hire, which is good news for Olathe, Kansas City, and my prospective profession in general. Its crazy to see Garmin in the news and on TV and referred to as some sort of respected vendor.

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