May Goals Update

Tue 31 May 2011

Been a few months since I've set my goals for 2011, and the holiday's a good time to reflect on progress and life.

Goals for 2011

The website's still doing okay. I did waste a bit of time drafting an (unpublished) guide on using grep to solve NPR's Sunday word puzzles, because I hate word puzzles with a passion and wanted to learn more about grep. I replaced my stats tool with awstats, to complement GA. Revenue is still tiny, but I still haven't added Adsense to the blog. And until traffic is high enough for A/B experiments, there's no point in "optimizing."

I've also cleared out a great many of my todo items in the past few months. So much so that there aren't many minor easy things left. Only some poorly specified ideas that might be a good idea "some day" and the tasks that cause me much anxiety. What can I say, I hate calling people, especially people I've never met, especially when their fees can bankrupt me. But I'll pick out health care providers eventually.

May update

Beyond those goals, in May I also upgraded to the latest Ubuntu release, read a book and several papers, finished up the last of the LCA2011 videos I cared about, and finished a few games and sold off about 100 dollars worth of old games to the internet. I think I actually made a dollar or two on a couple, but mostly, games are still an expense. Cheaper than renting though!

I also drove out to visit Mom before a cancer-treating surgery. She should be returning to work today, and doing well physically. Financially I worry about her; I read stories of people being fired over trivial stuff after cancer, after a jump in employer paid premiums. They're already fouling up her FMLA leave, and it just seems like a preamble to things to come.

The future

Next month I'm focusing my personal projects on dual use. Stuff that I can apply at my current job @ KSU working on Identity Management. To that end, I'm going to address authentication systems of -- start using LDAP, Kerberos, and such. I'll also stop delegating OpenID and selfhost. Beyond that I really need to step up my Java game. Digging into compilers and JVMs doesn't really prepare you for the J2EE colossus. I'm gonna have to find some decent books and tutorials to fill my missing gaps in understanding.

I also need to find a roommate, because rent around here could mortgage a damn house. If any of my Manhattan KS area readers need a roommate, you know how to get in touch.

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