Personal Goals for 2019

Sat 12 January 2019

It's been quite a long time since I've publicly posted goals. One year into my next job, it's time self-motivate long term self-improvement goals by discussing them in public.

  1. Make Anki a daily habit
  2. Start and complete a useful machine learning project
  3. Master puppet
  4. Start attending tech meetups in the bay area.
  5. Consolidate retirement accounts

I want to adopt Anki as part of a lifetime learning framework. It's more commonly used for learning languages, and cramming for med school, but it should be good for other purposes. No more forgetting birthdays, or obscure core library functions! I've got a decent start at it, but due to unfortunate computer repair circumstances, I missed a few months. No more!

Given my current role, it makes sense to learn more about ML. There have been amazing advances since I took a course in undergrad, from results, to techniques, and even just ease of use libraries. Making a useful project should hopefully ease completing this goal.

Similarly, Puppet is something I need to get better at. I spent a long time using Chef, and not everything maps cleanly. I need to catch up since the puppet2 days, and start aborbing modern Puppet practices. Also useful, attending more tech meetups in the area. SVLUG hasn't really met since I started thinking about attending, but this may be an example of victim of success -- people have moved on from 'using linux' to more niche tools that assume Linux as a baseline.

Finally, job hopping has left me with a series of retirement accounts that is getting tedious to track individually. It's probably pretty easy to call up and get this sorted, so this is a reminder to pull off the social anxiety band-aid.

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