Podcasts 2016

Sun 25 December 2016

Every so often, I see a podcast recommendation thread on HN / Reddit / elsewhere. Rather than repeat myself, here's an annotated list of podcasts I listen to. If you're needing a great podcast Android player, I recommend AntennaPod, which has a thriving open source community behind it. On to the list!

Open Source


  • Codebreaker RSS Explores the intersection technology and society in a way accessible to the public.
  • Google Tech Talks RSS Occassional academic presentations; probably part of hiring PhD's at Google?
  • ArrestedDevops RSS Good cast for keeping up on of new DevOps tech, tricks, and tools (and fads).
  • Food Fight RSS DevOps podcast focused on Chef.


Business / Finanace


Coda: What makes a great podcast?

Perhaps this is influenced by my short commute time, but I prefer single topic podcasts of 20 minutes or less. Long enough to cover a subject in greater detail than you get on the 3 minute news segment shows, but not so long as to fatigue the listener. We know that long lectures do poorly on online learning platforms, but the lesson is not to never cover things in depth, but to break deep topics into smaller segments.

Audio quality is really important; doing a podcast via cell phone as a repeat occurance is a good way to earn my unsubscription. Editing out most of the speech disfluencies is a good idea, not only out of respect for the listener's time, but for the speaker's own self-image. On a similar note, pets / screaming children distract from the message of professionalism the typical podcast wishes to communicate.

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