Summer of Defeat

Fri 27 June 2003

Looking back that was a big entry last update. Since then I've tried out the QNX CD, and its interesting but seems a bit sluggish. It could be slow because its running from the CD but I have a feeling everything was in RAM, and it was just the lack of hardware accelleration that made the GUI feel a bit unresponsive. Overall QNX needs serious work to overtake Windows or even Linux as my desktop of choice.

Downloaded the new Day of Defeat, its pretty much better. Reminds me to update the games page... Done. They added rocket launchers to the game. It was feared that it would break the gameplay much in the same way it's feared the LAW will break CS. But for the most part the rocket is a useless weapon. you have to put it on your shoulder to fire, which makes you move slower, and most of the explosion damage goes in a forward cone, so no quake 3 style rocket jumping and other nonsense. Where it does come in handy is demolition. Most every map has been updated to make the rocket worthwhile. You can blow up walls exposing sniper nests, open new routes, and demolish sandbag bunkers that machine gunners might use. And sometimes you can use it to complete objectives like destroying tanks and radio systems, since the rockets act as proxies for det paks.

Fun stuff, but its been distracting me a bit from other things. Like compiling a kernel. I've found a bit stronger kernel compile in the apt-get archive, but I haven't yet found a way to compile my own =(. Or my small picross game. I've decided to write a small game that runs in both windows and linux for fun. After much deliberation I've chosen wxWindows. So far its been great. I've finally managed to get it to compile on both platforms, and it works as advertised. When I get a better version going, there might be binaries available for download.

Finally, school related stuff. I passed all my classes and even got As in all my CIS classes. This coming semester looks to be pretty fun, and somewhat easier. In part I'm doing the wxWindows thing as practice, so I can have something when I'm through with the semester and say, "I did this, and I am proud." Hopefully it will turn out that way too =)

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