Ubuntu is for ricers?

Tue 21 April 2009

nixternal takes funroll-loops a little too literally, and discovers that there's more Ubuntu stickers than Gentoo.

Obviously, stickers are a passive tool to communicate. Conversation starters, if you will. And certainly people can tie up identity with a popular brand. I recall seeing a poor grad student who didn't have a MacBook with an Apple logo glued over their Acer logo (poor Acer). She quickly scurried away as the next lab got started, so I didn't get a chance to ask the story behind it. I have a hard time putting myself in the shoes of a Gentoo user and wanting to explain Gentoo to someone who isn't using it. It would just serve to highlight the gulf between nerds and normal people. So I can imagine why there aren't many Gentoo stickers in the wild.

nixternal also asks for laptop stickers, and I just happened to finish photographing some I received in the mail today. Martin Owens chronicles how ZaReason came to offer them. Here's an amateur photo with a yellow lamp bulb and white flash:


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